How Much Does A Futon Cost?

How Much Does a Futon Cost?

Ever since they came into the market, futon mattresses have turned out to be a crowd favorite. People like them for their nice mix of simplicity and practicality, allowing you to transform them from a comfortable futon to bed without compromising the functionality.

They are also ideal for people with limited space in their rooms or those who spend a lot of time locked in their rooms. The price of a futon depends on a range of factors, among them being the level of quality.

But with everyone rushing to buy a futon, how much does a futon cost?

A decent-quality futon mattress will cost you anything in the price range of $250, with a slight deviation either downwards or upwards. Typically, mid-priced futons retail for between $500-700, depending on the features. When shopping for the best futon mattress, try to strike a balance between the price and features!

How Does a Futon Mattress Cost?

how much does a futon cost

There are different types of futon mattresses in the market that will suit your budget and preferences. From simple low-range and mid-priced designs to luxurious twin size futon beds, there is something for everyone! Furthermore, you can customize the futon you buy to fit your needs, thanks to its flexibility and ability to fit almost anywhere without much fuss.

You can pay as little as $250 for a 6” mattress with a metal frame. However, you may also be forced to fork out as much as $1000 to get a memory foam mattress with a charming decorative cover, as well as a fine hardwood frame.  

There are also various mid-priced options available. These are the most commonly used in households and people prefer them because they can go for years without experiencing too much tear and wear.


Most individuals in the mid-class and lower-class tend to choose materials that are not only affordable but also durable. A mid-grade futon will best fit this profile. Typically, you will pay around $500 to $700 for a mid-priced futon, and the price will range depending on features such as the mount material.

There are so many decisions to make regarding the mattress, design, and cover, and this is where things can be complicated. Frames come in different materials that affect the price. Normally, wooden frames cost more than metal frames. Meanwhile, the covers are differentiated by the type of fabric used, design, as well as the brand.

Blending in all these preferences when shopping for a mid-priced futon can push the price from $500 to $700. On the higher end, you shouldn’t be surprised when you come across a futon retailing for $1000+. This will usually come with a majestic hardwood frame, and high-end fabric for the cover, as well as comfort features such as a spring interior.

Another thing that will drive the price upwards is customization. Buyers can request the manufacturer to customize for them the mattress so that it meets all their preferences. This will include everything from size to frame material and even the color of the fabric. Just keep in mind that the more the customization, the higher the cost!

Features to Consider When Buying a Futon

The best futon doesn’t always have to be the priciest. Rather, you should be guided by features that best suit your needs. Let us look at some of the factors to consider when choosing a futon mattresses:


Most futons come with a two-in-one functionality. This allows you to switch from a sofa bed to a seat whenever you feel like. The convenient design comes in handy when a guest pops in unexpectedly to spend the night in your one-bedroom apartment. You should also find a futon sofa bed that is easily portable if you are prone to moving houses constantly.

 Frame Size

Remember to consider the size of the space you intend to set up the futon before you go to buy one. This should enable you to find the right type of frame. You can measure the size of your room or the area you want to place the sofa bed and use its dimensions to guide you while shopping.

The size of the foam mattress should also help you decide the kind of frame to buy. For instance, if you’re buying a queen size futon mattress, ensure that the frame is large enough to accommodate the foam mattresses.

Intended Use

The frequency of use should help you to determine the right type of futon. If you simply need a foam mattress to use over the weekends during your camping trips, then a simple design is all you need. There’s no point in wasting $1000 on a full-size futon...That’s’ just too much!


Do you want to place your futon mattress in the bedroom or the living room? If it’s somewhere that is open to visitors, then you want to consider the design of the cover and the outward aesthetics. Go for something that will add to the décor of your living space.


Is a Futon Full Size?

Queen size futon mattress measures 60” by 80” whereas a full-size bed dimensions are 54” by 75”, so this makes it a tad bigger than full size!

Can a Futon be Used as a Permanent Bed?

The problem with sleeping on a futon every night is not only discomforting but can also be bad for your back over time. The wooden or metal slats that hold the futon up when you spread it can easily lead to back issues.

 How Much Does a Japanese Futon Cost?

A cheap futon from Japan will cost you anywhere from $150 while a mid-price mattress can range between $300 and $500. However, the price will also depend on where you buy the futon. For instance, a futon from Tokyo will be more expensive than one from Fukuyama.

 Does Walmart Carry Futons?

Yes, Walmart does sell futons! You can find all types of designs, including a futon sofa that will fit effortlessly in your guest room.


If you’re planning to get a futon for your new apartment, a budget of around $250 to $500 should for a decent design. But aside from the price, be sure to consider other features like futon’s skeleton , cover, design, etc. to get the most out of your new acquisition!


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