Do Weighted Blankets Work?

The best air mattresses for camping: We review 10 options

The daily routine can be a grind. Hurrying to college, demanding bosses, grumpy coworkers and strict deadlines are just a few things that gets us bogged down. After a long week, it may be time for a camping trip, to areas surrounded by nature’s beauty. Camping requires several pieces of equipment: flashlights, cooking supplies, tents, fire …

the best futons in 2019

The Best Futons for 2020: Transform your Sofa Into a Bed

A futon is a piece of furniture with a very novel history. Unlike some fixtures that have been a part of the western world ever since the times of Rome, this bed can trace its origin to Ancient Japan. Originally, the word futon described the whole bed which consisted of a cotton mattress, comforter, and …